Sonochromia is a concept for experiencing sound and animation. Through Interaction, the user can create compositions from existing musical elements. It is a combination of motion graphics, synthesizers and Interaction Design. This isn’t necessarily about making music. Its about creating an experience. If you were a huge Prince fan, wouldn’t it be great to open an app and listen to it as an instrumental? Or listen to certain parts on loop? Wouldn’t it be insane to listen to an entire Prince album a Capella?


Understanding the psychological processes that a viewer experiences as a participant within an artwork or as an intermediary helps shape the definition of the artwork itself. In installation form, the artwork can exist to provoke interaction from the viewer.


An enticing button or lever can be the only thing that one needs to feel compelled enough to break the threshold between the artwork and the participant. The action of the push of the button or pull the lever should engage the viewer. While these examples are the basic of the basic, the principal of interaction still remains the same.

Gradients and solid colors can act as sound activators, incorporating movement with interaction to produce a series

of sounds and rhythms.

There is a wide range of synesthetic experiences. The most common type of synesthesia is grapheme-color synesthesia, in which the synesthete will associate a letter or number with a specific color.