Synesthesia, by definition, is simply the blending, mixing or confusion of two senses. The term is derived from Greek, which means “to perceive together.” It has both fascinated and baffled scientists since the first reports well over one hundred years ago.

This is a visual interpretation of 'Daydeaming' by Radiohead, which includes four main elements, influenced by Louis Betrand Castel's color system for a musical scale. Each instrument arrangement was designed to visualize the notes and chords that were being played as well as a mechanical animation to keep time. The string section is made up of hand-painted 35mm slides, which appear in the background. A circular white ring measures musical time similar to a metronome, which appears from the center of the screen. Piano chords are visualized as paired colored circles in the center. Three-note melodies which are played on the piano orbit the center in a clockwise pattern using Castel's color scale.